Bundle multiple reels together and send as a single (packaged) reel.

To create a packaged reel:

  1. From the top navigation, mouse over Reels and select Reel Creator.
  2. Click the Create New Reel button.
  3. From the modal window, select Packaged Reel.
  4. Enter a Package Title and a Reel Title for your first reel.
  5. Add the desired media to your reel.
  6. To add another reel, click the Add Reel button above the package title. A numbered icon representing the new reel will now be visible.
  7. Create a Reel Title and add media in the same manner as you did in Step 5.

To add previously saved or sent reels to a packaged reel:

  1. Complete Steps 1-5 above.
  2. Add a previously saved or sent reel by clicking the Reel Library button on the Reel Creator.
  3. Navigate to the desired reel to be added.
  4. Mouse over the reel title and click Add to Package.

Tip: To modify reel order, mouse over the Select a Reel drop down then drag and drop reels into the desired order.