Gain valuable insight into sent reel presentations and media performance.

  1. Reel Analytics
  2. Engagement Graphs

Reel Analytics

To view analytics:

  1. From the top navigation, mouse over Reels and select Reel Library.
  2. Alternatively, click the Reel Library button from the Reel Creator.
  3. Mouse over the title of the reel and click Analytics on the modal window.

From the Analytics screen you can:

Track the view statistics for presentations and determine if emails were opened and who viewed or forwarded the presentation. You can also determine whether media was viewed in full or partial, view who downloaded files, and if comments were made via three tabs:

  1. Opened tab: will load each viewer's analytics on the screen. View analytics by recipient by clicking on the email address, IP address or tracking label on the left side of the screen.
  2. Unopened tab: will display recipients who have not opened the presentation.
  3. Forwarded tab: displays recipients who have forwarded the presentation, along with the forwarded recipients who have viewed the presentation.


Engagement Graphs

Engagement graphs represent the timeline of the video and display at-a-glance which scenes were viewed and which were skipped over via an area graph. The higher the area the more views the scene has had. Click and drag the white icon across the timeline of the engagement graph to see how many views each scene has had.

To sync the video timeline and engagement graph:

  1. From the Analytics screen, click the title of the video or audio file to open the file and sync the engagement graph with the timeline. See in real time, exactly which scenes were watched and skipped over.
  2. Simply drag the white icon over the play bar to sync the timeline and engagement graph.
  3. The right side of the file modal displays performance data.

Note: Engagement graphs are available for video and audio files only.