The Simian RTVE leverages the power of your desktop to encode web-friendly video with lightning fast upload.

Minimum System Requirements:
• OSX Mountain Lion and higher
• Window 7 or higher

File Types supported:
• Most video formats
• JPG .GIF, .PNG, .MP3, .PDF

Download and Setup:
MAC/OSX  v2.12
Windows v2.12


To upload files to Simian:

  1. Launch the RTVE. If the RTVE has not been installed, download it from the links above.
  2. Enter the required login information:
    - Account specific Simian URL (
    - Username
    - Password
  3. Choose an upload location in either the Media Library or Projects.
  4. Drag & Drop all files to be encoded into the Upload media files section or click Select files.
  5. Change the video aspect ratio from the dropdown located to the right of the video title.
  6. Optionally, check Preserve Original.
  7. Click Upload Files to begin encoding and uploading. (A progress bar will appear.)

Note: Encoding queues of 25 videos or less is recommended for best performance.

Note: Checking Preserve Original will create an encoded, playable proxy file, however, the original file will also be uploaded and available by download.


To encode files to desktop:

  1. Choose the Desktop upload location.
  2. Drag & Drop all files to be encoded into the Encode Files Here section or click Select files.
  3. Change the video aspect ratio from the dropdown located to the right of the video title.
  4. Click Encode Files. (A progress bar will appear.)
  5. Once complete, click Show in Finder to locate the encoded files.

Note: By default, encoded files are saved to “Users > [Coputer Name] > Simian RTVE Output." To change the save destination, click Save To and select a different folder.