Use the following web video encoding settings for encoding videos for the best results and optimal web playback.


To ensure the best possible quality of compression, begin with the highest resolution source files available.

Video Format: For optimal playback, browser and platform compatibility, Simian recommends H.264 video codec, with a AAC audio codec in MP4 format.

Fast Start Enabled: Fast start is required and necessary for videos to begin playing instantly vs. progressive download.

Note: If encoding to MP4, since most encoders automatically enable fast start on MP4 files, the option may be greyed out or unselectable.


Recommended Settings:

Bit Rate: The higher the resolution, the higher the bit rate required in order to maintain quality. Below is a handy table of Simian recommendations by resolution.

Note: Higher bit rates may not stream well on weaker internet connections.

  Video Resolution  Bit Rate  Average File Size (30 sec)
  426x240 pixels  300-700 Kbps  100KB-1 MB
  640x360 pixels  1500-2500 Kbps  3-5 MB
  854x480 pixels  1500-2500 Kbps  5-6 MB
  1280x 720 pixels  2200-3500 Kbps  15-25 MB
  1920x1080 pixels  3000-5000 Kbps  25-50 MB


Simian Tools:

Bit Rate Threshold Warnings: Simian scans every video uploaded and displays a warning if the bit rate exceeds the default threshold setting of 5000 KB. A secondary warning will display if the fast start is disabled. Bit rate threshold settings can be found in Account Settings.

Real Time Video Encoder: For users that are unfamiliar with the encoding process or don’t have an encoding application, Simian's RTVE app does the work for you.

Download RTVE Now:

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