LIVE NOW: Dropbox & Box Integration: You asked for it – you got it!

One of the hottest requests on the Simian docket from our clients is the need for the ability to upload files directly from Dropbox and Box into Simian via their desktop and mobile devices..

And because problem solving is what we do best…

Request - granted!

Now more than ever, Simian provides the ultimate in streamlined workflow and collaboration with optimized solutions for managing and sharing media via our fast and easy Dropbox and Box Integration.

Dropbox & Box has been integrated into the media uploader for both Media Library and Projects.

1. To upload media from your Dropbox or Box account, simply click the icon on the Simian uploader

2. Next, enter your Box or Dropbox credentials and select media for upload directly to Simian.

  3. As always, you have the option to categorize, add credits and tag media, as well as select your project upload destination upon upload.

  4. Simian’s smart encoding will automatically create a viewable proxy file for video that is not optimized for playback on the web.

  5. Original files are preserved and available when downloaded.