We’ve been busy making Simian better.
Here’s a look at what’s under the lid.

We've got some sweet little updates to tell you about, all designed to improve usability and make Simian an even more indispensable tool for your business. They’re all based on client requests, so we know you’ll like them. Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

  • Our Reel Creator will now save your media search and filter results after ‘Create New Reel’ is clicked. This means you don’t have to repeat any steps when you start a reel, as we’ll be saving your results automatically.

  • You can quickly and easily browse through files in both the Reel Creator and Media Library with newly added ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ arrows. No more need to open and close windows when viewing all files in a search result.

  • By popular request, we’ve added a feature in the Projects admin that gives you the ability to sort comments by the date and time they were submitted, or by the timestamp where comments were submitted.

  • And timestamped comments selected in the video timeline in the Projects admin are now highlighted, making it easier to see exactly which comment is associated with which timestamp.


More good things are in the works here at Simian, too. We’ll be sharing news soon about a major update to our Simian Go! App for iOS, which lets you access the power of Simian from your mobile device.