Take advantage of our freshly designed presentation templates to showcase your work!

Reel and Project presentation templates have been redesigned to be easier on the eyes and even easier to use. We've also introduced a new reel template called Gallery, giving you added branding options when sharing and presenting your work.

NEW Gallery Reel Template!

  • Our brand new Gallery reel template more closely resembles a web page than a standard reel presentation.
  • Large, exposed thumbnails show off work within your reel and make it easy to run through spots.

Reel Presentation Updates

  • The Classic reel template has a fresh, modern redesign, while still maintaining the functionality you know and love.
  • Brand and director credits are now exposed so you can see them instantly.
  • Packaged reel presentations now have bigger thumbnails and a splash page where you can better identify the various reels you’re sharing.
  • Our mobile templates have been refreshed too, reflecting the trend towards increased client review of work and reels on phones and tablets.

Project Presentation Updates

  • Project presentations have also been given a modern redesign.
  • The commenting system and annotation features have been enhanced, adding functionality while simplifying their use.

Video Player Updates

  • Our Reel and Project presentation video player has been completely revamped.
  • We’ve added AirPlay and Chromecast support as well as better support for DASH & HLS Streaming.

Simian is always working to improve the functionality of our products without adding to their complexity or cost, so check out these new updates on the Gallery template drop down menu today and start making your work look better than ever!