Group files into one file record with unique version numbers in Projects.

Additionally, for image and video files you can compare versions.

Step 1: To get started with file versioning:

  1. Click the Projects tab the from the top global navigation.
  2. Select the desired project.
  3. From the project gallery view, click the action menu icon located in the lower right of the desired primary file thumbnail.
  4. Click the Manage Versions option.

Step 2: From the Manage Versions window you can:

  1. Add a New Version to a File
  2. Remove a Version from a File
  3. Sort Versions
  4. Compare Versions
  5. Merge Files into a Version Record
  6. Send Version Record Files


Add a New Version to a File:

  1. Complete Step 1 above.
  2. From the Manage Versions window, click the upload drop area to select a file from the finder or drag and drop your file into the drop area.
  3. Upon file selection, your upload will begin immediately. Once the upload is completed, your file will be assigned a new version number and be associated with the primary file.

Note: Files with multiple versions are indicated by the blue icon in the upper left corner of the thumbnail. The number display indicates the number of versions associated with this file.


Remove a Version from a File:

  1. Complete Step 1 above.
  2. From the Manage Versions window, click the X icon next to the file you wish to remove.

Note: Removing a version from a file will not delete the file. The file will be removed from the version record and placed into your project folder as a single file.

The primary (original) file cannot be removed from versioning. Once all versions have been removed from the primary file, it will revert back to a single file record.


Sort Versions:

  1. Complete Step 1 above.
  2. From the Manage Versions window, simply drag and drop files into the desired sort order.
  3. The order of the files are reflected when clicking the file thumbnail to view, as well as on sent presentations.


Compare Versions:

You can compare two versions of files, with the Compare Versions option in the Version dropdown menu on both in the Simian Admin and in the Approval Presentations.

Note: The compare option is only available for video and image files, and file types must match.


Merge Files into a Version Record:

  1. From the project gallery view, click the check box next to the desired files.
  2. Select Merge Versions from the Select Action dropdown menu located in the upper right corner of the gallery view.
  3. This will created a new version record with the selected files

Note: You can only merge single files or a single file with a version record file. You cannot merge two version record files.

Send Version Record Files:

Sending files or folders with version records works the same as sending single files, however, when a version record file is sent, all versions of the file are available for viewing.

See how to send a file, folder or entire project here.

Sent presentations also have the option to select and compare versions. The order of the versions are presented based on the sort order specified under the Sort Versions section.