Send reels in a flash with our latest Simian update, Quick Send!

Quick Send

We’re always working at Simian to make your life just a bit easier, we’re happy to share our latest update with you: Quick Send.

This new feature condenses the steps required to send previously created reels, making the whole process take literally seconds. Instead of selecting a reel from the Reel Library, loading it into the Reel Creator, and choosing your send option (via Simian or shortlink), you can send it straight from your Reel Library.

It’s easy to do. Just mouse over the reel you want to send, choose whether to send via Simian or shortlink, enter where it’s going and presto: it’s gone.

And if the reel you’re sending contains more than eight videos, the mouseover modal will let you scroll through all the spots to see what's inside, so you don’t have to preview the reel in a new window.

What will you do with all this extra time? We’d suggest a mani-pedi!

Check out our knowledge base article here for more details on how to use Quick Send.