Measure emotional response when recipients use MoodReactions to leave emojis on video content.

For our agency users, MoodReactions provides members of creative groups and production teams with a means of sharing attitudes and opinions about work they’re reviewing without having to screen it in a group setting. They can bookmark scenes, shots or spots with any of six emojis that convey everything from ‘love’ to ‘like’ to ‘wtf!’

And for production and post companies, being able to see how their work has been received helps them sharpen their pitch and send better-targeted follow ups.

  1. Enable Mood Reactions
  2. Leave a Mood Reaction
  3. Track Mood Reactions

To enable Mood Reactions:

  1. Create a reel.
  2. Choose Send via Simian or Get ShortLink.
  3. Under Options on the right side of the modal, click the Mood Reactions (emojis) to YES.
  4. Set the rest of your reel send options.
  5. Click Send.

When your presentation is opened, the Mood Reactions tool will appear on the video timeline.


To leave a Mood Reaction:

  1. Open a reel presentation.
  2. Click the blue emoji on the player bar. Once the emojis have been selected, the options will stay available while watching the reel.
  3. Select a reaction. Multiple reactions can be left on a single video.
  4. Mood Reactions will be stamped onto the video timeline.

Note: Mood Reactions must be enabled in order to leave an emoji (See above). If the reel has already been sent, simply edit the reel settings.


To track Mood Reactions on sent reels:

  1. From the top navigation, mouse over Reels and select Reel Library.
  2. Alternatively, click the Reel Library button from the Reel Creator.
  3. Mouse over the title of the desired reel and click Analytics on the modal window.
  4. From the reel analytics screen, you'll see the reel's viewer data like opens and Engagement Graphs by recipient.
  5. Click the video title to open the file and see reactions left by the recipient.